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Are you looking for a new, exciting job? Find the right challenge for you at Scheuch! In our role as a plant manufacturer, we cover the entire range of services from sales, project management, construction, research and development, production, installation, start-up and after-sales services in-house. This means that we are able to provide a wide range of interesting activities with attractive prospects.

Nicole Schrattenecker's career path

Looking at development designer Nicole Schrattenecker's career path as an example can give you an idea of where yours could take you. Thanks to her love of maths and her excellent technical knowledge, Nicole completed her studies at the Secondary Technical College for Machine Construction in Ried im Innkreis, Austria.

After completing a few internships at various companies and garnering several years of professional experience, Nicole embarked on her career at Scheuch in the Development Design department in April 2013. In this role, Nicole deals with the redesign, maintenance and improvement of standard products. She's involved throughout the entire development process, from design, to calculation and model development, right through to the drafting of production and sales documentation for Scheuch's key products.

"The interesting thing about my job is the insight I get into the variety of Scheuch products. My job is very varied because the developments we work on help drive technology forward. Nothing stays the same, but you see the advancements from the design right through to the completed product. The pleasant working atmosphere and my colleagues also help make my job exciting," enthuses Nicole Schrattenecker, development designer at Scheuch GmbH.